• 1. How to start?

1. How to start?

In this section you get more info about how to start with BOA. Which tools you can use to test and develop your iAPI.


BOA will send at startup a login request to your iAPI server. From that moment on, the application will show all the options you have put in the response. This is why I call it an intelligentAPI. The API defines the menu and all the options BOA will use. BOA is completely data driven by your iAPI. This makes it rather powerfull, since this is the front end for your application, which will do what you tell it to do.
This way you as developer can create all the endpoints of the API in the language of your choice. You develop the back-end with your own tools, and BOA will do the work for you at the front end.
You need to know how to:
As you will notice further on, this isn't a problem in most languages.